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Buy Idaho is an independent business alliance committed to promoting the economic prosperity of locally owned businesses through collective group branding, collaboration with government agencies, and consumer education on the value of purchasing locally.

For over 33 years, we have supported the Idaho business community and championed for Idaho companies to grow and prosper in our state. Our goal is to keep tax dollars in Idaho and build businesses that will increase job opportunities and quality of life for all Idahoans.

"We love Buy Idaho for our company, Capital Cleaning! They have lots of opportunities to network and learn what's happening in the community. Plus we get to host free events, like our event next week at Mad Swede! Thanks for all you do."


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More Than A Mantra

"Buy Idaho" is more than a mantra. We are a state-wide community benefit organization working together to ensure that Idaho remains a place to celebrate. We are farmers, artisans, bakers, coffee roasters, service and health providers, governmental agencies, and academic institutions. We are your friends and your neighbors.

When you purchase from an Idaho business, you are investing in your local economy. Your investment is imperative to create jobs, support schools, maintain roads, improve our healthcare, and encourage growth and variety in our marketplace.

At Buy Idaho, we celebrate large and small businesses and the diversity that they bring to our state. We work to promote Idaho businesses and encourage Idahoans to "Buy Idaho" products whenever they can. "Buying Local" isn't just a trend; choose to shop where you live, support your community, and invest in the Idaho you want to see. Together, we can create it.

As of 2016, there are 1.6 million people living in the state of Idaho. If every one of us spent just $100 with Idaho Businesses, we would generate over $9 million in tax revenue to help improve our state.

Please partner with us and help support our Idaho businesses. Because Buying Idaho, Builds Idaho!

Keeping it local,

Jennifer Mauk, Executive Director

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